BC Beer Awards

The BC Beer Awards & Festival celebrates the very best beer brewed in British Columbia.

The 10th annual BC Beer Awards and Festival returns to Vancouver on Saturday, October 19th, 2019. Tickets are now SOLD OUT!

Watch previous years’ awards presentations and more on our YouTube channel.

Submitting Beer Entries for Judging in the 2019 BC Beer Awards

Who can enter?  We accept beer brewing in BC by breweries originating in BC, and the beer must be available for sale in BC. 

To clarify: BC Brewery X making its own beer - YES. BC Brewery X making beer for another BC business - YES. Out of province brewery opening a brewery in BC - only the beer made here can be entered. Out of province brewery hiring a BC Brewery to make beer here - NO. 

Step One:

Register your intent to enter beers for judging by completing our form that nominates the person at your brewery who will responsible for collating and submitting your entries - ie. labelling, packaging and sending them to us. See button above. 

In order to streamline what will be our largest competition ever, we are stressing a few basic rules regarding beer submissions, that will help us to identify, stack and sort beer entries. Our form asks you to read and acknowledge that you understand these entry rules. Please read through it carefully and proceed with registering your brewery contact person. All information about judging rules, dates, and locations will be sent to the person nominated. No information about the festival, booths, tickets or sponsorship will be sent to this address (unless it's the same person responsible for both).

Once we have received your form, we'll create an account for you. A confirmation with login and password will be emailed to you in the next few weeks. Once you've received it you may then enter your beers. Cut off for entries and all other logistic information will be included in that email. For your own planning purposes, start putting your beers away now and expect to ship by mid August. 

Rules for submitting entries for judging:

  1. All entries must have their own printed, official Bottle ID label that is affixed with elastic bands or tape. The commercial label must not be removed. If the beer does not have a commercial label, it may be entered with the competition label alone.

  2. Breweries must submit either one six-pack or 4 individual bottles/cans for each entry.

  3. Each bottle/can may have a minimum volume of 250mL and a maximum volume of 1L.

  4. All entries, including six-packs and growlers, must be packed in a box suitable for 650mL/750mL/1L bottles. Boxes must be packed in such a way that they can be stacked at the drop-off location. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE BOXED.


We create your account for you. Then, we send you an email with your username and password. Next, refer to the Brewcomp Beer Entry Guide as linked below for full instructions. 

Contact Information:

Matt Anderson - matt@bcbeerawards.com

Chester Carey - chester@bcbeerawards.com